Stephan Urwyler & Regina Litvinova

Stephan Urwyler & Regina Litvinova

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“I had the privilege of hearing a wonderful duet set recently at a festival in Germany. Pianist Regina Litvinova and guitarist Stephan Urwyler were incredibly tight musically with a wide variety of material that produced a really interesting and most of all, engaging set. As I learned subsequently, the pair have been playing together for quite awhile….which always leads to the same lesson. That is long term musical connections raise the quality of the music, which is something the audience can sense. Beautiful work!!”
David Liebman 20.8.2017

The Duo Set with Regina and Stephan was a wonderful and creatively brilliant hour of music for piano & guitar. I know "I sat backstage and listened to every note" and their set inspired me enormously.
Richie Beirach 20.8.2017

Stephan Urwyler & Regina Litvinova - Valser CD-Cover Valser   Unit 2014   ITUNES   AMAZON   GOOGLEPLAY  YOUTUBE

The new compositions of the Urwyler/Litvinova are characterized through the perfect combination of an refreshing mix from jazz, Funk and classical elements. The one is deeply root in the Russian music tradition, the other feels obliged to the Swiss music tradition this one besides their Jazztradition. After innumerable concerts arise from this interesting mix of these first-class musicians, an extremely thrilling musical meeting.


Stephan Urwyler graduated from the Swiss Jazz School in Bern in1988. Stephan Urwyler is equally comfortable playing jazz as well as rock. His sound can be heard on more than 25 CDs. He lives in Bern, Switzerland.
Stephan Urwyler has played and performed with: Stephan Eicher, Andy Hug, Gere Stäubli, Büne Huber, Immanuel Brockhaus, Rhonda Dorsey, Joachim Rittmeier, Ron McClure, Tim Hagens, Joe Haider, Glenn Ferris, David Golotschokin, Andrej Kontakov, Orazio Maugeri, Roman Schwaller, Samuel Rohrer, Take Torijama, David Elias, Don Li, Lars Lindvall, Peter Keiser, Wilbert "Junior" Gill, Wolfgang Zwieauer, Jim Odgren, Renato Chicco, Michel Poffet, Laurent Wolf, Walter Schmocker, David Elias, Donat Fisch, Antonello Messina, Markus Schieferdecker, Richie Beirach, Rainer Witzel, David Liebman and many others...

Regina Litvinova started playing piano at a very young age. She studied with Eduard Syomin in Moscow, where she was first exposed to jazz music. In 2001 she started her studies at the „Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Künste“ in Mannheim, where she graduated with honors in 2006. She recorded and released her debut album „German Body - Russian Soul - African Heart“ (Rodenstein Records 2003 ROD 06) in 2002. She has appeared in numerous concerts and at numerous festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Japan, Russia, Estonia and Romania.  Regina Litvinova has played and performed with Evelyn Blakey, Mike Ellis, Igor Butman, Wynton Marsalis, Richie Beirach, Oleg Kirejev, Christian Scheuber, Claus Kiesselbach, Rainer Witzel, Alex Sipiagin, David Liebman and other... Regina Litvinova is Member of the "Richie Beirach Coming Toghether Trio".


Stephan Urwyler's music is very versatile. It can be as glowing hot as Scofield, as cool and intellectual as Frisell or as warm and emotional as Matheny. Stephan Urwyler loves eclecticity. He loves to pick the best from all different styles, such as grooving rock sounds, soft and emotional ballads, or walking moods.To be cool is in, but Stephan Urwyler is way too warm and engaging to be  cool for the sake of being cool.   Ulrich Roth, Berner Zeitung

Stephan Urwyler and Regina Litvinova's music is very engaging. At times it is very quiet and meditative, other times it is very playful and bright. Their musical chemistry is original, colorful and very sensitive. Each artists style is very apparent and together they take the listener on a wonderful musical journey.  Vera Wichmann, Therme Vals

Regina Litvinova does not fit any clichés. Her playing can be explosive, percussive, angular as well as very lyrical, and soft. She also loves to play with „call and answer phrases“.   Mannheimer Morgen DE

One of the highlights of the evening was the duet with piano and guitar. The instrumentalists played an entertaining „question and answer“ game, almost as if they were playing „tag“.  Wormser Zeitung DE

The CD is multifaceted and a very well produced recording. The arrangements are heavily influenced by Beirach yet very original and  beautifully accompanied by the congenial and sensitive guitar playing of Stephan Urwyler.   Bird's Eye, Basel


"Valser" Unit Records CD No.UTR 4456 Unit Records 2014

01-Yards.mp3   02-Rosabitter Zartrot.mp3    03-Heiweh (Homesickness).mp3    04-Alone At Home.mp3    05-Avelina.mp3   06-Flo's Mambo.mp3   07-Konstant Regina.mp3    08-Valser.mp3    09-Chocolate Mood On The Bridge.mp3    10-Konstant Regina (Theme).mp3   11-I'd Sune (In The Sun).mp3


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